Practice Areas:
Value Analysis and Modeling

The migration from product-based selling to value-based relationship sales has many companies struggling to redefine their sales culture. Value-based selling in today’s complex selling environments and heightened customer expectations requires sales organizations to foster much deeper customer understanding. The challenge is to construct a value-based selling methodology that is based on solving high-level customer problems, rather than simply building account models that respond to near-term price pressures or are only transaction based.

Our Value Analysis and Modeling is designed to provide a strategic road map for deepening the customer relationship while elevating trust through an exchange of information, thus creating interdependency. We look beyond product lines and service offerings to uncover new ways in which our clients can move from the status of “supplier” to “trusted consultant" and often times a partner with less price sensitivity. Understanding the customer’s business and how their product or service generates revenue or reduces expenses is the first step in creating a value based sales methodology.

Our step-by-step approach to Value Analysis and Modeling looks like this:

Analyze current product and services offerings.

Review and refine target customer profile to reflect value modeling.
Develop "value pyramid".
Develop "Boardroom Issue" strategy.
Develop "Migration Path" strategy.
Develop "Anti-Sponsor" strategy.

What are the benefits of OrgMax?
  1. Deeper customer understanding
  2. Value based purchasing, not price
  3. Improved margins and revenues
  4. Longer term contracts

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