Practice Areas:
Best Practice Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

Best Practice Benchmarking and Gap Analysis is the first step in our process to uncover the “current state” of a selling organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Analysis starts by identifying our client’s unique selling culture, primary selling model / approach, terms and definitions, current operational processes, selling resource structures, compensation and rewards systems and the technologies used to support their sales system. The result is a clear picture of the current selling practice.

From this vantage point, we identify internal best practices as a foundation to expand on solid existing business practices already in place. This snapshot is then compared to external industry best practices. Opportunities for optimization and improvement surface after layering both the internal and external comparisons over the current state of the analysis stage during our Consulting Process.

Our step-by-step approach to Gap Analysis looks like this:

Identify & document "go to market" strategy at enterprise level.

Identify geographic markers & sales force organizational
Develop analysis structure & identify short list of internal best practice locations.
Conduct & document discovery & interview session with best practice locations.
Identify external best-practices in similar industries and "go to market" strategies.
Compare to internal best practice locations and identify Gaps to prioritize.

What are the benefits of OrgMax?
  1. A clear view of the sales organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  2. Identification of internal “areas of excellence”
  3. Identification of applicable external “best-practices”
  4. Prioritized list of areas requiring sales consulting optimization
  5. Tangible documentation to support appropriate decisions for fine-tuning the sales systems

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