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Human Resources

Regardless of size, geography, or industry, every organization makes significant investments in its talent. Success requires visionary leaders, exceptional talent at all levels, and the right strategies to keep that talent current, motivated, and focused.

We assist our clients to develop comprehensive, disciplined strategies for managing talent, by helping to create fully integrated strategies that engage employees, mitigate human capital risk, and achieve superior results. We specialize in a variety of human resource-related services that will increase employee morale and drive organizational success with improved productivity and efficiency.

We involve employees at all levels to bring focus on how an employee's daily job functions and core competencies directly impact and link to the overall support of the sales process and success of the organization. The end result is happier employees who have more clarity about their responsibilities and opportunities for job growth, which translates into more sales and happier clients who become loyal advocates of your business.

Our human resources services includes:
  1. Job Analysis, Description, and Evaluation
  2. Employee Training
  3. Compensation Analysis and Design
  4. Employee Handbooks and Policies
  5. Leadership and Management Training
  6. Strategic Employee Planning
  7. HR Audit

Our step-by-step approach to Human Resources looks like this:

Review and analyze HR operations to assess legal liabilities, employee clarity, and overall design to support operational effectiveness.

Streamline, systematize, and document HR processes and procedures.
Disseminate handbook, clarify job responsibilities, and complete job evaluations.
Identify leadership talent needed for business success — now and in the future.
Attract, select, manage, engage, reward, and retain the right talent.
Tweak communications to drive the right employee behaviors and improve operational effectiveness.

What are the benefits of OrgMax?
  1. Standardized HR procedures, which comply with state and Federal law
  2. Job/responsibility clarity for employees
  3. Process in place to attract and keep talented employees
  4. Increased operational efficiency, mitigated legal risk, higher net profit

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